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Want to treat yourself and enjoy a good cup of coffee? Lucky you, we’re here for you! Let yourself be tempted by an exciting experience offered by passionate experts, renowned for their know-how and good humour. Explore our turnkey solutions: our barista animations designed to make a splash at your event, and our caffeinated workshops aimed at offering a fresh take on coffee or boosting your team’s spirit or energise your teams. The art of living the coffee experience.


La claque

the idea

We’re all about rescuing your events from bad coffee, so we’ve introduced La Claque: a mobile coffee bar that hits the road to serve up some darn good coffee, made just right. We support you to all your events:

  • trade shows,
  • seminars,
  • press conferences,
  • product presentations,
  • custom animations,
  • inaugurations,
  • breakfasts,
  • festivals…



    Our espresso bar is mobile, functional, and elegant. We work with high-end equipment, La Marzocco espresso machines, handmade in Florence. Our team is made up of professional and friendly baristas! We have the ability to expand our setups and/or baristas to match the expected experience.

    our plus


    Every occasion deserve its own unique coffee, its atmosphere! We tailor our services to your needs: format, duration, menu, dress code chic or casual. Opting for La Claque means adding real value to your event and surprising with an original touch. We take care of everything, everywhere, for you! With our presence in both Paris and Nice, we cover the Île-de-France region and the French Riviera. We can also organize your events anywhere in France and Europe.

    nomad COFFEE


    Everyone should be able to enjoy a good coffee, regardless of the place or occasion… So, at each of our services, we bring our good mood and our expertise to give you the best experience! Inside our espresso bar, a lively atmosphere unfolds, fostering meaningful conversations and enriching the ambiance with warmth Our mission: « Life is too short for bad coffee ».

    Consume better

    cOffee selection

    We select for you a premium seasonal crop, freshly roasted. We reveal all about its tracking: country, origin, terroir, variety, altitude, tasting notes—every coffee has its story! We work with talented artisan roasters who select only beans from the specialty supply chain and roast them with delicacy and love. We spark the senses and curiosity of the general public, leading them to rediscover and consume coffee in a better way.


    Tailor the details

    Looking to take it a step further? We offer customization options for our counter or take away cups to reflect the colors of your brand or event, ensuring a perfect representation of your image.





    OTHERS options

    We offer a wide range of drink options and sweet or savory snacks, carefully selected from local partners made in France who share our values of high standards and quality. Check our catalog for more information.








    caffeine free




    latte lovers




    Colds drink







    La Claque loves, serves, lives, and breathes coffee. That’s why we offer a series of workshops to introduce you to the world of coffee and share our overflowing love for the bean! Each workshop accommodates a maximum of 5 people. The formats we offer are fun, dynamic, original, and informative. A great opportunity to have a good time with your teams!

    Pictogramme cupping

     Cafeology workshop

    You drink coffee every day but know little about it? Perfect! We’ll discuss origins, varieties, terroirs, production methods, roasting and preparation, not to mention cupping or how to taste like the pros.

    Min 01h00 / Max 10 pers.

    pictogramme café filtre

    Pour over workshop

    Forget about weak coffee and discover the richness of gentle extraction methods: Chemex, V60, Aeropress… Here, we aim for subtlety and smoothness. Perfect for impressing your guests at the traditional Sunday brunch, or every morning!

    Durée : 2h / 50,00€ TTC

    Pictogramme atelier café fromage

    Coffee and cheese pairing workshop

    Coffee and cheese, two local products that we all consume but rarely consider pairing. In this workshop, you’ll discover some unique combinations to try on. Explore pairings that complement each other, contrast, or harmonize.

    Durée : 2h / 60,00€ TTC

    Pictogramme cupping

    100% barista workshop

    Have you ever dreamed of working behind a coffee machine? You’ll have the chance to play the role of baristas and step behind our mobile espresso bar. You’ll finally learn how to extract a good espresso or even create your first Latte Art.

    Durée : 3h / 120,00€ TTC

    pictogramme latte art

    100% latte art Workshop

    Do you dream of learning and understanding how to foam milk like your favorite baristas? With this workshop, we’ll review the equipment, ingredients, and teach you all the techniques to texture milk and create a Latte Art design.

    Durée : 2h / 50,00€ TTC

    Pictogramme atelier café fromage

    espresso workshop

    The espresso, classic and intricate… to master! Uncover the technique, gestures, and parameters in this workshop using a semi-professional espresso machine: the La Marzocco Linea Mini.

    Durée : 2h / 50,00€ TTC

     Our values

    Why Opt for La Claque?


    A ‘claque’ is a surprise, a stunning discovery, a moment of questioning, a ‘Wow’ effect, an emotion that leaves a lasting impression. You never forget your first real coffee, the place where you tasted it, or the barista who prepared it.


    Limited quantity batches, yet of superior quality, 100% Arabica, traceable to origin, consumed within the year of production, distinguished by aromatic complexity and a balance of acidity, sweetness, body, and finish.


    The barista, an expert in coffee preparation and service, serves as the bridge to the consumer, holding the keys to a rewarding experience. They are tasked with honoring the journey that brings the coffee bean from tree to cup.


    A relaxed living space dedicated to the discovery and tasting of coffees from various origins, according to the seasons. Independent coffee shops stand out for the quality of their selected products.


    They’re talking about us

    Margot H.

    Thank you again for your assistance during our two Press Days. I’ve received nothing but great feedback on your performance. It was a pleasure working with you, and I won’t think twice about reaching out to you for our future events

    Thanh Hang L.

    Thanks again for joining us on this tour of the trade shows; I’ve received nothing but positive feedback! Friendliness and good vibes were definitely present! 🙂 Emmanuel, it seems like JL already wants to hire you for the sales team 😉

    Claire G.

    For me, it’s the best performance we’ve had in a long time, extremely professional and exactly what we were expecting

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