The Strike

We are « La Claque », a team of young, dynamic, talented and charismatic baristas led by the co-founders Sandra and Emmanuel. We are driven by quality, customer service, human relationships, transparency… and great cups of coffee!

We provide the finest grade of speciality coffee in France for events in Paris and throughout the country (and beyond), together with a choice of top-quality products (tea, chocolate, juices, lemonades, pastries, sandwiches…).

La Claque means literally “The Strike”, which in French refers to a “shock”, a “surprise”, something a little overwhelming and essentially unforgettable. This was the beginning of our love story with coffee, when we first drank a nice cup of coffee… It was absolutely amazing, a real strike!  

Today, our mission with our mobile, wood-and-metal espresso bar is to start YOUR love story with coffee by providing excellent coffee where it is the least expected and distribute as many coffee “strikes” as we can!

We are creative, adaptable, energetic and cheerful. We can help make your event a huge success and customize our offer to best fit your needs. Let us bring a great coffee experience to you!

Luckily we are fluent in English 🙂 Let’s discuss your idea.

By phone? +33 (0)6 58 87 88 45 (Emmanuel) or +33 (0)6 50 26 34 86 (Sandra)

Or by email?