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High Five program

High Five is our international coffee skills training program. It is mainly aimed at professionals in the coffee or catering sectors, at people with a career change project, but also at “home baristas”.

Our teaching method

Access to the High Five course is both fluid and flexible : the modules and planning thereof can be adapted to the trainees’ needs and schedules. The content is delivered through an innovative and participatory teaching method, using state-of-the-art technology, and is aimed at the entire coffee community, from novices to experts.

Our experience

With eight years of cumulative experience as independent trainers, certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (Sandra Bouckenooghe and Emmanuel Buschiazzo are both Coffee Skills Program Authorized SCA Trainers, or ASTs). We are La Marzocco France ambassadors. Both the content and space which we provide reflect our quality requirements, our professionalism and our commitment to teach best practices with passion, authenticity and humanity.

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Success rate for sca certification

La claque café

SCA program

Our training organization is authorized to teach the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Coffee Skills Program courses and to deliver certifications on the following modules: Barista Skills, Brewing (Emmanuel Buschiazzo), Sensory Skills and Green Coffee (Sandra Bouckenooghe).

Each module is divided into three levels : Foundation, Intermediate and Professional. The tests are both practical (on-site exam) and theoretical (online exam). The Foundation levels are the only ones that can be taught remotely, by video conference.

La claque café école also offers

Individual workshops

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Latte art
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Let’s work

Project support


You want to benefit from the experience of coffee professionals, and you’re right ! In order to promote the development of specialty coffee in France, we encourage project leaders to go beyond their initial training, regarding all things coffee-related as well as the other quality products and services to be found in a specialty coffee shop. Let’s discuss your needs : sourcing, creating your menu, choosing your equipment, and arranging your workspace. We can also cover stock management, sales techniques, and even recruitment.

In the words of

Our Alumnis

People trained in the art of coffee
AllProHome barista
Coffee shop owner

Channa Galhenagé

I have known Sandra and Emmanuel for a few years. When they launched the school, I didn’t hesitate to send my baristas for initial or advanced training, in French or English for some of them. All the baristas have shown that they have had a good training in a relaxed atmosphere. I will not hesitate to trust them in the future.


Content specialist and aspiring barista

Vincent P

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced coffee brewer and drinker, passionate or curious, I can only recommend that you learn and relearn what coffee is with Sandra. She has a great facility to convey what she says and to dissect reasoning and gestures, which makes it much easier to memorize. Passion is definitely what drives her.


Hélène Aldicoglu

A very good, dense and ultra-complete training with a very competent trainer who brings great interest to the subject. Sandra is a good listener, which is an asset that helped me to feel supported and confident throughout the training.

Catering operator, F&B manager

Olivier S

The three training sessions in which we took part have left us with nothing but excellent memories. Beyond Emmanuel’s undeniable professional skills and his remarkable teaching skills, we will remember him as a man who defended values and a way of life that is not found in everyone today. Our team has made real progress, the quality of service has improved, our offer has been expanded and customer satisfaction is high.

Head barista

Camille J

In 2019, I met Sandra and Manu at an event and they seemed very accessible to me. I especially liked their approach to coffee. A simple approach, without any fuss, with humour and a relaxed attitude, on an exceptional product. Complete training with a beautiful, human and unpretentious approach. Everything I was looking for in an environment that was totally unknown to me…

Home barista & photograph

Mathieu L

Excellent, rich and complete training to become a Barista. Emmanuel is very skilled in teaching and will be able to provide you with all the skills you need to dial in your grinder, extract espressos and foam milk like a pro. Thank you and see you soon !

Importers & Roasters

Charlotte & Julian Arroyave

Barista training was taylored-made and beyond our expectations ! Thanks to Emmanuel and Sandra for your hospitality, attention and availability. Being specialists in importing and roasting, we needed this training in order to showcase our coffees and meet our customers’ demands.

Project leader

Hery R

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this training at La Claque Café Ecole, in the presence of Sandra. I appreciated the fact that it was theoretical, but above all practical ; with immediate application, with the repetition of gestures, a methodology and various topics. If you are looking for a good quality training course, accessible to all, I strongly recommend La Claque Café Ecole.


Barista Academy

It is a great pleasure to work with la Claque Café as part of the Barista Academy programme at the Université du Café. Sandra and Emmanuel give training courses to inmates at the Fleury-Mérogis prison. In addition to being highly professional, they are both very charming ! Their approach is playful, rich and accessible, they know how to arouse curiosity.

Home barista

Magali B

It was a pleasure to have completed my training with Emmanuel who is a passionate and exciting trainer. A beautiful meeting and a teaching rich in content and practice that I warmly recommend.

Home Barista

Marc-Antoine H

I was thrilled to train in brewing methods with La Claque. Emmanuel has adapted to the health situation so that we can do this online and he has been particularly generous in answering my many questions (often well beyond the programme). I have been able to acquire the knowledge that allows me today to experiment on my own while waiting to move on to the next level.

What about you ?

Beginner or coffee professional, don’t hesitate to come and join us. We have a program tailored for you !

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